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Pizza Varierty

Thick Crush Pizza
Fruit Long Pizza
Biscuit Pizza
Indian Long Pizza
Italian Pizza
Veg. Pizza
Coin Pizza
Mexican Pizza
Veg. Cheese Pizza
Sun Sine Pizza
Wood Fire Pizza
Margarita Pizza
New Born Mexican Pizza
Flamingo Fire Pizza

Pasta Flavour

Porn Pasta
Red Pasta
White Pasta
Macaroni Pasta
Tawa Pasta
Thai Pasta
Onion Corn Pasta
Sweet Pasta
Chilli Pasta
Paneer Pasta
Veg. Pasta
Revouly Pasta


Italian Tawa
Variety Soft Pizza
Think Crush Pizza
Bombay Pizza
Margarita Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza
Pasta Variety
Italian Pasta
Heart Sauce Pasta
Veg. Italian Pasta
Live Pasta
Macaroni Pasta
Ravioli Pasta with Tartar Sauce
Pasta with Tomato
(Cheese + Spanish Flavour)
Italian Tawa (Pasta + Veg.)
Cheese Corn Risotto
Italian Sizzler
Italian Tawa Sizzler
Garlic Bread
Panini Grill


Mexican Barbeque Veg.
Enchilada with Salsa Sauce
Nachos with Cheese Sauce
Maxican Cassattia
Mexican Beans Cutlet
Avocado Dip Corn Chip
Baby Corn Fitters with Salsa
Mexican Tawa
Mexican Barbeque
Mexican Bhel
Corn Chips with Salsa
Maxican Takoj
Mexican Boat
Mexican Rellenos
Mexican Beans Pizza


Chinese Cabbors
Chili Bean Sauce
Plum Sauce
Topped with Crispy Noodle
Peanut and Sesame Six
Sesame Oil
Mongolian Pasta
Mangolian Ouch Pouch
Mangolian Sizzler
Mangolian Tawa Sizzler
Chinease Sizzler
Thai Special Noodles
Malaysian Roll